If you were invited to participate in a TenderBoard exclusive deal, submitting your proposal may be done through the following steps.

If you have a TenderBoard account and found an exclusive deal through the search page or from your daily alerts, click on the Deal and follow from Step 2 onward.

Step 1: If you received an RFQ email invitation to bid

1. In the email invitation you received, click on the orange button "View Details and Submit Here". This will bring you to the RFQ listing page on TenderBoard.2. Ensure your company information is correct and agree to the Terms of Use to view the details.

*Note: Agreeing to our Terms of Use does not obligate you to submitting a quotation.

Step 2: Access the Deal page on TenderBoard

1. Click on "Submit your Bid" button on the top of the page

2. Fill in all required fields on the bid submission form

-Currency: Select your preferred currency for your quotation

-Unit Pricing: Input the unit price for your product

-Tax: Be sure to selectfrom drop-down list to choose correct GST

-Delivery Charge: Select "Yes" if you have delivery charges, or select "No" if there are no charges 

-Add Additional Proposed Item: If you wish to propose different or additional items in the quotation, include the product in new item lines here

-Contact Information / Company Information / Additional Details: Fill in the details for your proposal. Include notes to buyer, if any.

-Add Quotation: Upload your official quotation on your company letterhead here

-Add Another File: Upload any supporting documents for your proposal here, if any.

-When you are ready to submit, click on “Preview” to go to the preview page. 

3. On the preview page, check the details of the information you have entered, then click on "Confirm and submit" button to submit your quotation. You will receive an email upon successful submission.

4. After submitting your bid, you’ll be brought a summary page letting you know the bid has been submitted.

5. You will also receive an email confirming that your proposal has been received.

If you face any issues while trying to submit your bid, or need any assistance, reach out to our Customer Success team at support@tenderboard.biz.