To make amendments to your quotation, you will need to be logged in to your TenderBoard account. 

Once logged in, you may follow these steps:

1. Click on "Deals" on the toolbar, then click on "Search". 

2. On "Search" page, you can filter either if it was an open deal or a deal that you were invited for.

3. Enter the description of the deal and click on "Enter" on your keyboard to search for the deal.

4. Click on the description of the deal next.

5. Click on "Close" to proceed when the pop-up box appears.

6. Click on the re-submit button to proceed with doing your re-submission. 

Do note that re-submissions can be done while the deal is still open.

If you do not already have a TenderBoard supplier account, you may register here. 

For a more detailed guide on resubmissions, you may refer to our blog article:

Please use the e-mail address that the bid was submitted with to register for your TenderBoard account to ensure that you are able to access the bid you had earlier submitted.