If a deal has been awarded to you, you would have received an email notifying you of the award. The title of this email would be  “Deal has been Awarded to You: <reference number>”

To acknowledge the PO, click on the orange button “Get award details” in the email. 

This will bring you to the page on TenderBoard system and viewing the awarded details marks the deal as acknowledged. 

You may download the PO or any other files that the buyer has attached. 

Do note that the link provided in the email expires 3 days after you click it or 10 days after this notice was first sent to you, whichever earlier.

If the PO acknowledgement link has expired, you may still access it via your TenderBoard supplier account. Login into your account, click on "Sales", then click on "Proposals". All purchases you have submitted for will be listed in your bidlist and you will be able to manage them here.