If you are required to submit an invoice via TenderBoard, you may submit via the email link or through your account.


Accessing the page via Email

You would have received an email titled "A GR Requires your Invoice".

In the email, click on the orange button "Upload Now". This brings you to the page on TenderBoard where you will be able to upload your invoice. 

Accessing the Page through Your Account

In your Dashboard, select "Go to Deliveries"

In your Deliveries page, select "Waiting for Invoice"

Submitting Your Invoice

On TenderBoard system, upload your invoice and fill up all required fields (Mandatory fields are marked with asterisks *):

Once all required fields have been filled up, click on "Preview Submission" button to proceed:

On the Preview page, you will see a summary of the details, click on "Confirm" to submit. 

Upon successful submission, you will see a thank you message and an email confirmation will be sent to you.

If you require further assistance, please email in to us at support@tenderboard.biz