On TenderBoard, there might be deals where buyer will invite suppliers to register for a tender briefing or site showround to provide more information about the deal. This guide will show you how suppliers may register for the tender briefing / site-showround.

1. On the Invitation email received, click on "View Details and Submit Bid here" to proceed.

 2. Accept the Terms of Use if needed. You will next be brought to the overview page. Underneath the description, you will be notified if there is a tender briefing/showround for the deal. 

3. Click on the Register for briefing button to register. There are two locations for this buttn - one is under the buyer's name, and another is at the Site Briefing / Site Showround section.

4. For information on the location, date, time and notes with regards to the briefing, it can be found on the Site Briefing/Site Showround section. Please take note of registration closing date to ensure not missing on the site briefing.

5. Once you have clicked on the "Register For briefing" button, check if all the information is correct and proceed to click on "Register" to confirm your registration. You may update the information if required.

6. Once you have registered, you will recieve an email notification to confirm your registration.