This is a step-by-step guide on how to access and filter exclusive deals and aggregated Open Tenders on TenderBoard.


1. There are 2 ways to access TenderBoard’s Live Tender Search Page

a. On your dashboard, click on “Go to Deals”.

b. On your top toolbar, click on “Deals”, then click on “Search”.

2. “Live Tenders” page lists all current business opportunities that are open for bidding.

a. Opportunities on this page include exclusive deals on TenderBoard and Open Tenders from the websites, platforms, and newspapers we aggregate from. Click here to see Open Tender sites we track

b. An “Exclusive” banner in yellow will be reflected if this is an exclusive deal on TenderBoard. This means you will need to manage the deal with your TenderBoard account (E.g., bid submissions, clarifications etc.)

c. Open tenders from the sites we aggregate from will not have the banner beside the tender notice as below;

d. For such opportunities, we provide a "Link Back to Original Site" button for further information and bid submission instructions. 

3. There are several options for you to filter deals on the TenderBoard platform.

a. Click on “Search Your Keywords” – this will filter opportunities based on your  keyword list in your account.

b. To filter with other keywords or key phrases, type in the keyword search bar and hit “Enter” on your keyboard to search.

If you require additional filters to search for specific opportunities, click on “Show more search options”.

Note: Please wait for the page to fully load before filtering tenders.

c. With the additional filter options, you may also filter tenders by "Industry", "Opening/closing date", "Buyer organisation name" or "Host site". 


d. TenderBoard system offers rules that allows you to further refine your search e.g. if filtering by a key phrase, use Quotation Marks (“ ”) in the Keyword Search bar. Using “data collection” will filter populate any opportunities with the phrase used.

Click here to learn more about optimising your keywords 

e. In the Keyword search bar, you may also use the OR/AND button to further filter deals. 

  1. “OR” - E.g;  “data, collection” with OR will filter any opportunities with the words cloud or computing.
  2. “AND”-E.g; “data, collection” with AND will filter any opportunities with the words cloud and computing. 

f. Multiple filter options can also be used when searching for opportunities to better refine your search.

If you face any issues while trying to submit your bid, or need any assistance, reach out to our Customer Success team at or 9177 0173.