What are keywords used for in TenderBoard?

With a subscription on TenderBoard, the system sends you relevant opportunities in your Daily Alerts based on the keywords in your keyword list.

If you are receiving irrelevant opportunities, you may refine your keywords anytime in your account settings here - https://www.tenderboard.biz/mykeywords

What keywords should I add in my keyword list?

Your keywords should include products and services your business offers, including any specific terms or vernacular commonly used in your industry or by your customers.

E.g. ABC Company is a construction company who is looking for construction, renovation, A&A type opportunities. In their keyword list, they would include all services they provide such as "construction, renovation, Addition AND alteration, A&A, fitout, building, design AND build".

If they were to also expand and offer flooring and building repair services, they would then want to add related keywords such as "flooring, roof AND repair, building AND repair, waterproofing, gutter".

*Note: These keywords given in the example are not the only keywords we recommend for Construction/Renovation companies. If you have any questions about your keywords, kindly contact our helpdesk.

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If you are unsure about your keywords, you may also contact our Customer Support team at support@tenderboard.biz for additional assistance