With a subscription account, the system currently sends you update alerts on all deals that match your keywords.

See how to stop receiving updates on all deals here

Flag deals on TenderBoard that you are interested in receiving updates for

*Note: Email Updates are only for TenderBoard Exclusive Deals.

There are 2 ways to flag deals:

1.  Select the Flag in the Live Tenders Page

2. Select the Flag in the Deal Page

When you select the flag, it changes to Red and that means the system will start sending you updates for these deals. These deals will also be shortlisted into your Alertlist to access through your Tenders Watchlist.

To stop receiving updates for these deals, click on the flag again (which will turn Grey).

To View your flagged deals, access your Tenders Watchlist

1. Access Your Tenders Watchlist Page

2. Select "Alertlist" and "Apply"

If you require any assistance with your account settings, you may also contact our Customer Support team at support@tenderboard.biz