In TenderBoard’s Past Tender database, you can access up to 7 years of Past Tender information with your Pro or Enterprise tier account. 

Guide to searching for past tenders

1. Access TenderBoard’s Deals Page through 2 ways

a. On your dashboard, click on “Go to Deals”.

b. On your top toolbar, click on “Deals”, then click on “Search”.

2. In the Deals Page, click on “Past Tenders”­.

“Past Tenders” includes any public information released for past tenders from TenderBoard or Open Tenders from websites, platforms, and newspapers we consolidate from.

3. Filter the database with our filter options

To search for tenders based on the keywords in your account, select "Search Your Keywords".

For more filter options, click on “Show more search options”, where you are able to use additional filters to refine your search. 


Please wait for the page to fully load before filtering tenders.

Under "Show more search options", you may filter further by:

  1. Search terms or Reference No. 
  2. Industry
  3. Opening/Closing date
  4. Buyers
  5. Host site
  6. Participants 
  7. Winners name
  8. Market value

*Filter options filter tenders based on the information gathered.

For keywords, hit "Enter" on your keyboard after each key word or phrase for filtering. You may use multiple filter options to narrow your search.

As you include your filters, the system will automatically narrow the tenders to show you your relevant deals.

If you require any assistance with your account settings, you may also contact our Customer Support team at