If you've been invited to participated in a deal on TenderBoard, you will automatically receive updates from the buyer so that you can be kept aware of any changes. If you do not wish to participate in the deal, you may wish to stop notifications, and can do so by using the 'Decline' function.

Firstly, go to the initial email invitation received (example below), and click on the orange button which states View details and submit bid here.

If you have not agreed to TenderBoard's Terms of Use, you will need to agree to them at this point before proceeding. On the deal listing page, there will be an option in red box called Decline to Bid. Click on this to bring up the Decline to Bid dialogue box.

State the reason why you are declining to bid and click confirm.


Once you see the message below, the process is completed, and you will no longer receive notifications for this deal.


If you need further assistance, reach out to our Customer Success team at support@tenderboard.biz