To help populate the right opportunities sent in your daily alerts, ensure your keywords list are relevant to the products/services you offer. 

Below are the list of suggested keywords list which you can add on your TenderBoard’s account. 

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ACMV, Aircon, air-con, airconditioning, "Air conditioning", ahu, air con, chilled AND water, condenser AND water, ventilation, refrigerant, cooling AND tower, pump, ducting, chiller, compressor, freezer, air AND handling, chiller, hvac, cooler, fan, motor
Appareluniform, tshirt, t-shirt, Polo, shirt, tshirt, "Round Neck", round-neck, Uniform, apparel, apron, windbreaker, jacket, "rain coat", raincoat, shorts, pants, "track suit", "goodie bag", gift, souvenir, collar, shirt, attire, apparel
BatteryUninterruptible, UPS, Active AND Power, Battery, Batteries, Harmonics, Active AND Filter, Harmonic AND Filter, Active AND Harmonic, Battery AND Monitoring, Energy AND Storage
Books Publishingbook, education, ebook, publishing
Call Center
email,hotline,"call centre","contact centre",helpdesk, outsource, recruit, manpower, sourcing,training
Carpark GantryCarpark, Access Control, Parking, Electric Vehicle, Barrier 
CCTVcctv, door AND access, access AND control, biometric, security AND system
Certificate Training9001, 14001,18001,manpower, wsho, qehs AND consultancy, ISO, 45001, driver, bizsafe, wsh AND training, "first aid training", cpr AND training, aed AND training, event AND management , storage AND space, rental AND space, wsho, internal AND audit, internal AND auditor, lead AND auditor, cert AND training, certificate AND training, lsp AND course, ssg AND course, wsq
Cleaningcleaning, housekeeping, conservancy, janitor, sanitize, sanitary, disinfect, washing, Disinfection, covid AND disinfection, "carpet cleaning" 
Constructionconstruction, reconstruct, redevelop, renovate, renovation, restoration, redecorate, resurface, retrofit, erect, re-align, realign, build AND work, design AND build, development AND build, improvement AND work, reinstate, refurbish, upgrading AND work, repair AND work, alteration, "fit out", "fit-out", "fitting out", "fitting-out", demolition, rejuvenation, development, interior AND design, interior AND work,CR06, linkway, bridge, general AND builder, general AND building, new AND building
Creative / MarketingCreative, Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Campaign, Social AND Media, Digital AND Marketing, Video, Animation, Motion AND Graphic, Infographic, media
Cybercyber, security, protection, firewall, data, Penetration AND Test, security, risk, technology, cyber, ddos, WAF, vulnerability AND test
Disposaldata AND disposal, e-waste, electronic AND waste, data AND destruction, data AND removal, harddrive AND disposal, "hard drive" AND disposal
DoorAuto AND sliding,  auto AND swing, fire AND rate*, fire AND glass, auto AND slide, auto AND fold
Environmental ConsultancyEBS, Groundwater, EMMP, EIS, testing, ground AND test, soil AND test, water AND test, "environmental assessment", environment* AND assess*, 
EventsVenue, Convention, Meeting, Hotel, Attraction, Tickets, rental, MICE, laptop AND rent, event, exhibition AND panel, tables AND chairs, exhibition, booth, conference, seminar, gallery, festival 
Facilities Management
Property AND Management, Managing AND Agent, Facilities AND Management, IFM, Tenancy AND Management, facility AND management, integrated AND
fire, fire AND protection, sprinkler, alarm, extinguisher
First AidAED, First Aid, Safety, Fire, CERT, Security
Fitnessfitness, health, gym, exercise, workout, gym, virtual AND fitness, "virtual fitness class"
Furniture (office)furniture, system AND furniture, office AND furniture, office AND chair, loose AND furniture, desk, workstation, cubicle, table, chair, furniture, furnishing, renovation, MONITOR AND ARM, "fitting out", "fitting-out, "fit out", fit-out, furnish, partition, cabinet,shelf, shelving, shelve, Adjustable AND Table, Height AND Adjustable, Height Adjustable AND Leg, Acrylic, Covid-19 AND Panel, Protective AND Screen
Furniturefurniture, chair, sofa, table, panel, partition, desk
Giftgift, bag, cup, mug, lanyard, badge, leather, party, souvenir, toy, apparel, t-shirt, shirt, tee, calculator, "eco friendly", eco-friendly, award, apparel, wristband, badge, banner, bag, flag, jacket, short, container, keychain, tote, thermo, hook, straw, holder, pouch, cap, portable, "power bank", powerbank, badge, calculator, clock, magnet, game, golf, frame, stationery, packaging
Interiorinterior, "fit out", "fitting out", fit-out, fitting-out, renovation, contractor, interior AND design, interior AND work, design AND build, landscape, composite AND timber, "design & build", "design&build", D&B, construction, project AND management
Interior Interior, addition AND alteration, decoration, fit-out, "A&A", renovation, furniture, design AND build, "fitting out", contractor, carpentry, contractor, construction
landscape, landscaping, trees, plants, grass, horticulture, Arboriculture, turf, planting, pruning, tree AND removal
Media & Production"media services", video AND production, videos, film AND production, tv AND production, "other services", editing, media AND services, "high speed" AND camera, camera AND rent*, videography, media AND production, corporate AND video, video
Medical Suppliesvaccine, medicine, medical, panadol, -disposable, -non-disposable, pharmacy
Metal Worksmetal, fabrication, steel, aluminum, metal AND structure, "metal works", metal AND maintenance, building AND structure, welding, building AND construction
Office Equipmentoffice AND equipment, copier, laptop, hardware, printer, computer, invoice AND printing , book, namecard, paper shredded, air AND purifier, electronic AND puncher, hole AND puncher, office AND equip*, mailing, mailer
PestPest, Termite pest, termite, mosquito, Rodent, rat, fumigate, light AND trap, "UV light trap", fly AND trap, fly AND zapper, flies, dengue, zika, bird AND control, bird AND repellent, bird AND gel, pest AND bird, white AND ants, ant, cockroach
Performing Arts"performing arts", "drums AND performance", drums AND workshop, team AND build*, teambuild*
Printercopier, photocopier, printer, print, xerox, canon, toner, epson, brother AND printer, scanner
PrintPrint, Magazine, Book, Poster, brochure, newsletter, pamphlet, handbook, yearbook, "year book", collateral, artwork, lettershop, flyer, prospectus, annual, report, e-book, notebook, banner, wide format, pillar, backdrop, wrap, website, stage, "letter shopping", calendar, name AND card, standee, "red packet", "hong bao", "ang bao", "hari raya", sticker, design AND print
Renovationrenovation, carpentry, painting, ceiling, builder, interior, redecoration, addition AND alteration, "A&A", "A & A", workstation, office, decoration, furniture
RoboticsRobotics, Telepresence
Secretarial / Corporate Services corporate AND secretary, book AND keeping, bookkeeping, accountant, secretarial, secretary, audit, tax
StationaryStationery, kindergarten AND art, art AND material, stationery, colour AND pencils, art AND craft, glitter, glue, art AND supplies
Steel worksSteel, metal, fabrication, trolley, steel AND furniture, animal, cage, stainless, rack, cabinet, shelf, cart
SurveyingQuantity AND Surveying, quantity AND surveyor, QS, Project AND Management
UniformUniform, Tailor, Garment, Apparel, Costume, Clothing, cloth, shirt, workwear, work AND wear
WaterproofWaterproof, leak, seepage, gutter, spalling, drip, water, roof, concrete, awning, polycarbonate, composite

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