If you prefer to upload your price schedule onto TenderBoard, the guide below will show you how you may download a bid template from the bid submission page, and use it to submit your bid.

Firstly, select "Submit Your Bid" button to proceed to the bid submission page.

On the bid submission page, under the Price Schedule section, select "Download Template".

If a pop out notification prompts you to leave the page, you will need to click on 'Leave' to download the template. This will not cause you to leave the bid submission page.

Next, your file will automatically open once its downloaded. If the file doesn't appear, please check  your Downloads Folder.

Open this file in Microsoft Excel to key in your price list.

Under section A, there is a Unit Price, excluding GST column - key in your unit prices for the requested items. Do note that only positive number values are allowed. For items you do not wish to bid for, select the arrow in the cell for the dropdown list, and select "no bid on this item".

You may either drag down or copy & paste to the selected cells to save time. If done correctly, the cell under Sub Total Header will appear as "no bid".

Save the updated file and upload it back onto the platform.

Save the file (you do not need to change file name) and proceed back to the bid submission page. Under section Price Schedule, select the Import button. If the file was uploaded correctly, All the values will be updated and the "Not bidding on this item" box will be checked for all line items you had indicated on bid on this on the excel template.

Finally check if the prices tally with your offer and can proceed to complete the bid submission page and submit your offer.

If the above does not help to solve your issue, you may also contact our Customer Support team at support@tenderboard.biz