Your tenders watchlist contains a full listing of all the deals on TenderBoard that you are interested in. If you're a TenderBoard Standard, Pro or Enterprise Tier user, all deals matching your keywords will be added to your Watchlist by default. You may access the My Watchlist page by clicking on the Tools and Reports menu on the top ribbon, and selecting Tenders Watchlist.

If you do not wish to have all deals matching your keywords added to your Watchlist automatically, you may switch off this functionality by updating your notification settings on your My Keywords page. You may refer to this guide for instructions on how to do so here: How can I stop automatically adding deals matching my keywords to my Watchlist?

My Watchlist

The My Watchlist page consists of a listing of all the deals in your Watchlist (or Alertlist). To remove deals from your Watchlist, you may click on the  -  icon. Once a deal is removed from your watchlist, you will no longer receive notifications about updates to that deal.

You may also use the search function above the deal listing to filter deals according to Description, Buyer or Open Date. Entering in a search term here will narrow down your listing to deals matching that search term for the particular category that you have selected. For instance, if you search for TenderBoard Testing Pte Ltd here, you will only see the deal for Cleaning Services.

My Alertlist

The search function also includes an option for you to select your Alertlist. The Alert list contains a list of all deals that have previously matched your keywords. In the example, you can see that in addition to the three deals in the Watchlist, there are a large number of deals that have also appeared in the user's Alerts that they have removed from their Watchlist. To add these deals to their watchlist, you may click on the  +  icon.