If you are a TenderBoard Standard, Pro or Enterprise customer, you will receive a daily alert email to inform you of tenders matching your Keywords. By default, TenderBoard automatically adds these tenders to your Watchlist, which ensures that you will continue to receive updates on these tenders, particularly those listed directly on TenderBoard.

If you have a large number of keywords, you may instead wish to turn off this functionality and only add keywords to your deals manually. To do so, you will have to update this on your Notification Settings page.

1. Firstly, access your Notification Settings page by clicking on the account avatar on the top-right hand corner, then selecting My Keywords.

2. On the notification settings page, you may select Do not add deals matching keywords to Watchlist under your Watchlist Options, then click on Save settings in order to save this.

Deals matching your keywords will still be added to your Alertlist, and you may then manually add them to your Watchlist to receive notifications. You may find out more about your Watchlist and Alertlist here. What does my Tenders Watchlist do?