You may reset the password for your TenderBoard account through the platform with the steps below - 

1. In the Login Page, select "Forgot your password"

TenderBoard's login page may be accessed here:, or alternatively, click on this link:

2. Key in email address and select "Reset my password"

3. The system will send you a password reset link via email

Select the link in the email

4. Key in the new password and select "Update My Password"

The link will send them back to the platform, where they would be able to access their account once they have reset their password.

Do note your password will need to meet the below criteria -

  1. At least 8 characters
  2. Must contain at least 1 Uppercase letter
  3. Must contain at least 1 Lowercase letter
  4. Must contain at least 1 punctuation (e.g. $ / ! / ")
  5. Must contain at least 1 digit
  6. Cannot be the same as previous 4 password used

Passwords can 

If you require further assistance, reach out to us at