On TenderBoard, you are able to add and track your competitors' tender performance reports in your Competitors Watchlist. This is available on our Pro and Enterprise Tiers.

Follow the guide below to add you competitors to your watchlist:

1. On the top toolbar, select "Tools and Reports" and click on "Competitors Watchlist"

2. Add your competitor's company name in the box titled "Enter Competitor's Name"

if your are not able to search for the company that you are trying to add, this means we do not have information of the company in our database.

3. Search for "abc pte ltd" and select the company name accordingly.

4. A pop up will appear to prompt a confirmation before you add the company to your watchlist.


The Pro tier allows you to add 3 competitors in your watchlist, while the Enterprise tier allows you add up to 10 competitors. Once your competitors report is added in your watchlist, you will not be able to make the changes. If you had added a company report by mistake, kindly write in to our support team for assistance. 

Once your have added your competitor, your watchlist page would show the list of your competitors report.

If the above does not help to solve your issue, you may also contact our Customer Support team at support@tenderboard.biz.