When you sign up for a trial with TenderBoard, you will be exploring our Pro Tier for 30 days.

The trial account gives you access to all features available on the Pro tier subscription — allowing you to receive daily alerts, bid and submit tender proposals, review past tender data and review your competitors' tender performance report. 

1. See More Opportunities

Access exclusive deals from over 100 buyers on TenderBoard and see Open Tenders from over 40 tender sites we aggregate daily. View sites we track here

Exclusive Deals

An “Exclusive” banner in yellow will be reflected if this is an exclusive deal on TenderBoard.

Exclusive deals are managed with your TenderBoard account, where you would clarify questions, submit your bid or acknowledge POs when you have been awarded. Learn more on how to submit your bid here.

Aggregated open tenders

If deals are not directly hosted on TenderBoard, these are Open Tenders the system aggregates from various sources daily.

For Open Tenders, TenderBoard helps to track and provide any public information shared from the buyer, and we provide a "Link Back to Original Site" button (found in the top right of the page) for you to access more information and submit your bids.

2. Receive Alerts On Relevant Opportunities

Receive daily alerts on relevant business opportunities in your email. These alerts are sent based on the deals which match your keywords set in your account. More information on how to optimise your keywords can be found here.

3. Review Past Tender Data 

On TenderBoard, the system also consolidates and archives tender information from the last 7 years in our Past Tender Database.

Any public information released from buyers in the past is aggregated and recorded for you and your team to access anytime through your account. Information available may include tender description, open/close dates, pricing, participation and awarded value to the incumbent.

Learn more on how to access information in our past tender database here.

4. Track Tender Performance Reports

Use TenderBoard to view and track your own tender performance and your competitors’ performance.

View your Company Report, where we track Key Performance Metrics, Trends, Recent Activity, and provide a Competitor Analysis based on the tenders you have submitted*.

Your Pro trial also allows you to add up to 3 of your competitor reports in your Competitor Watchlist, where we track your competitors’ key performance metrics and trend analysis and alert you when the reports are updated with new data points. (For more competitors in your watchlist, the Enterprise tier allows up to 10 competitors tracked)

Tender Performance Reports are provided in the same format for an apple-to-apple comparison, where you can review and benchmark your key performance metrics against your competitors.

Learn more about the Competitor Watchlist and how to add your competitors in your watchlist here.

After your trial ends, we offer different subscription plans here that you can consider for your account, or without a subscription, your account will be in our free Basic tier, which gives you access to managing your ITQs and TenderBoard’s Open to Public deals.

For further assistance with your account, reach out to our Customer Success team at support@tenderboard.biz