The Basic Tier account is a free account on TenderBoard for suppliers to manage invited bids and public tenders on TenderBoard’s platform.

Features available on the Basic Tier account includes -

1. Manage invited bids

When a buyer on TenderBoard invites you to submit your quotation or proposal (RFQ, ITQ etc.), you may use your Basic account to manage the deal.

To submit your bid, click on the orange box and you will be directed to login to your account. Learn more on how to submit your bid here.


2. Access public tenders on TenderBoard

Your Basic account gives you access to Public Tenders from buyers on TenderBoard.

On your Basic account, you do not receive daily alerts for relevant opportunities on the platform, but you may login to your TenderBoard account daily to check for new public tenders.

Do note that not all deals are available on the Basic Tier account. To receive alerts, access TenderBoard’s Exclusive Deals, or see aggregated Open Tenders from the 40 sites we help our users track, we offer subscription plans you can consider.

3. Update account settings

Your Basic account allows you to update your email address and password under account settings. This email address is used for your login and to receive the link for your password reset. Do note that company names cannot be changed.

4. Update your Company Profile

Your Basic account allows you to access your Company Profile, where you may include more information about your company for buyers to view your profile.



Update email to receive RFQ or ITQ

You may also indicate your desired email address for RFQs on TenderBoard in your Company Profile. The e-mail that TenderBoard sends invitations to by default is the e-mail address listed on this page.

Do note that even with this default e-mail address, buyers are able to override and select an email address they would specifically like to send invitations to. Learn how to update your email addresses in your account here.

For More Services -

To find more opportunities, see data analytics for tender strategy or access other value added services, we offer subscription plans you could consider for your account here -

If you need further assistance on your account, write in to our Customer Success team at or click on the "Need Help" icon in orange to view the support articles provided.