On TenderBoard’s Supplier Portal, you have access to updating your Company Profile to share more about your products and services to buyers on the platform.

Follow the guide below to update your Company Profile:

1. Access your Company Profile Page

On the top right toolbar, select the Person icon and select “My Company Profile”

You will be directed to the page below;

2. Edit your Profile Strength

To further strengthen your company profile, hover over “Profile Strength” to view recommendations.

Here are the top 4 recommendations to get started with your Company Profile:

1. Basic information

Share your contact details (phone and email address),company website, social media page and a brief introduction of your company for potential buyers to view.

2. Uploading your company profile (ACRA Document)

You'll be required to upload your business profile before you can participate in tenders. Click on "Browse" to upload your attachment.

3. Business Areas

Share your product offering and industry related keywords here to help the system match you with buyers who are looking for your services.

4. Manage Ratings and Reviews

Besides uploading your awards or certificates your company has obtained, look out for “Manage Ratings and Reviews” on the top right of your page as you scroll down your Company Profile Page.

This feature allows you you are able to invite your existing buyer to share their review on the product and services which you have offered.

Besides the 3 areas we shared above, we encourage you to update all the areas listed under the company profile. If you had no prior relationship with the buyer, this information would help the buyer to learn more about your company and build a sense of confidence for them to reach out to you.

5. Manage your Company Profile settings (Public/Private Profile)

Your Public Profile allows potential buyers to review your Company Profile directly on TenderBoard without permission. 

While,your Private Profile has certain information masked out which could only be viewed upon request. You can use this feature to send your Company Profile to potential buyers to review.

Once you have finished updating the information, you may click the “View” button to review the information which would be seen by potential buyers.

If you need further assistance on the platform, select the “Need Help?” orange icon on the bottom left of your browser to review the support articles or reach out to our Customer Success Team at support@tenderboard.biz