With TenderBoard, suppliers take advantage of automation to help them with their tendering process.

On the TenderBoard Supplier Portal, suppliers are able to

  1. Find Business Opportunities
  2. Access Tender Data
  3. Track and Benchmark Tender Performance

1. Find Business Opportunities

With an account, TenderBoard will send you Daily Alerts on relevant opportunities from over 100 buyers on TenderBoard and over 40 tender sites we track daily.

TenderBoard's Exclusive Deals

View and access exclusive deals any time from buyers on the platform. With your account, you will be able to view details and submit directly on TenderBoard's system.

Aggregated Open Tenders

TenderBoard also tracks over 40 tender sites for newly released Open Tenders (view sites we track here).

With your account, you will receive alerts on relevant opportunities from these 40 tender sites, and we'll provide the link back to the original tender page for you to access more information and submit your bid.

2. Access Past Tender Data 

On TenderBoard, you may also access past tender information from the last 7 years in our Past Tender Database.

Any public information released from buyers in the past is aggregated and recorded for you and your team to access anytime through your account. Information available may include tender description, open/close dates, pricing, participation and awarded value to the incumbent.

3. Track and Benchmark Tender Performance

On TenderBoard, you could also view and track tender performance reports, which would be automatically updated every time the system receives new data points in our Past Tender Database.

All reports are of the same format for your apple-to-apple comparison; we track metrics such as Key Performance Metrics, Trends, Recent Activity, and Competitor Analysis.

What's more, you can add your competitors' tender performance reports to your watchlist so you receive alerts when their reports are updated.

Subscription Plans

These services are available in our paid Subscription Tiers, and if you are keen to include these features in your account, you may upgrade your tier directly through your account here - https://www.tenderboard.biz/subscription-form

For further assistance with your account, reach out to our Customer Success team at suppliers@tenderboard.biz