Please find the guide to terminating your subscription on TenderBoard's Supplier Portal.

Monthly Subscription

Our monthly subscription is a monthly commitment plan that auto-renews at the end of each month, and the invoice for the following month's subscription is issued on the 25th of the month before (i.e. May 2023 subscription invoice will be issued on 25 April 2023).

To terminate you subscription, you will need to write in to before the 25th of the month for us to process your account termination, or send in a subscription change request through your TenderBoard account (see guide below).

Note: If the termination request is received after the 25th, your subscription termination will be processed for the next month (i.e. with a subscription termination request received on 26 April 2023, subscription termination will be as of 1 June 2023, as May'2023 subscription invoice had been issued on 25 April 2023)

Annual Subscription

If your account is on an annual subscription, the plan is an annual commitment, so you would not be able to terminate or downgrade your plan during the subscription period.

Annual subscriptions are also auto renewed when your current subscription ends. Before the renewal, subscription renewal reminders will be sent to you from 1 month before your plan comes to an end.

If you wish to terminate or make changes to your annual subscription account, you may write in to, or send in a subscription change request through your TenderBoard account, and your subscription will not be renewed.

Please see the guide below on requesting a subscription change through your account.

If you need further clarification on your subscription account, do write in to us at

Requesting a Subscription Change on TenderBoard

1. Select your subscription tier banner

2. Select "Change Subscription Tier"

3. Update the information for your subscription tier to "Basic" and select "Request Change". We appreciate if you could also share your feedback or reason for your termination.

Screenshot of subscription change request form on TenderBoard

3. Once you have submitted your request, a pop-up will show confirming that your request has been received. Kindly allow us some time to respond and process your account.