Once the deadline has passed and the deal has closed in the system, you may proceed with evaluating the supplier proposals you have received. However, if you would like to request any or all of these suppliers to re-quote, you may do so by sending them a resubmission request. 

Note: Approval may be required for the resubmission request to be processed, depending on your organisation's policies.

1. From the Manage Deal Page, click on "Resubmit”



2. Check the boxes for the suppliers you would like to send a request to resubmit, then click “Selected”



3. Enter the instructions for suppliers to know why you are requesting for them to re-submit. You may attach any files and set the resubmission period. If there are multiple suppliers you are sending the request to, click on “Copy” to copy over the details you have entered. Click “Send” to proceed sending the request.


Alternative method for sending resubmission to a single supplier 

Alternatively, you may send a resubmission request to individual supplier’s by viewing their proposal. From the Manage Deal Page, under the section ‘Proposal Received’, click on the action button “⋮”


Then click on “View Proposal”

On the supplier’s proposal page, click on “resubmit” to send a resubmission request.

Note: You may use the Clarify button if you have queries to the supplier but do not require them to re-submit their proposal. 

If the above does not help to solve your issue, you may also contact our Customer Support team at support@tenderboard.biz.