Currency values in TenderBoard are displayed up to 2 decimal places, but the actual input values are stored up to however many decimal places were entered in the first place.

Display Mis-match

This rounding error can lead to cases where values and sub-totals do not match. For instance:

Actual: (Qty) 7 x (Unit Price) $0.142857 = (Line Item Sub-total) $1.00.

Display: Qty 7 x Unit Price $0.14 = Line Item Sub-total $1.00 (7 x 0.14 would be 0.98 without the rounding)

In such cases, buyers typically require the sub-total value to be correct and will have to accept that the unit price value is rounded off.

Display Matching

In other cases, quotations provided by suppliers might be off due to rounding errors (e.g. because of GST). In these cases, we might need to perform a back-end update in order to change the GST value. For instance:

On the system, assume Total without GST: $123.64, GST Value $8.65 (rounded off)

If the supplier calculates this as $123.64 with GST $8.66, we can set the price to be $123.644, which will give us the GST value of $8.66 while still showing the price as $123.64

Partial Quantities for Goods Receipt

The TenderBoard system supports decimal values for goods receipt, but only displays the values in whole numbers. For instance, if you perform goods receipt for 0.25 of an item, the system will be able to calculate 25% of the total value, but the display will show the quantity as 0.