We understand that when you're creating a purchase request, it could sometimes be a hassle to key in your line items manually - especially when there are a lot of them. This article provides instruction on how to use TenderBoard's Line Item Import function to save yourself time and effort.

First, when creating a purchase request, under Line Items and Specifications, click on the button labelled 'Download Template'.

Once you have clicked on download template, an excel file will appear under your downloads. Open up the Excel file.

The template matches the same order of sequence of Line Items table in Tenderboard. Update the import template with the data that you intend to place inside the respective Line Item fields.

    Once you have updated the fields completely,save the file (it will be under your organisation name with the reference number), then import it on Tenderboard by clicking on the import button as shown below

Once imported, all items will appear in the Line Items table.

If you often make repeated purchases, you may also wish to save the Line Item import template so that you can re-use the same template when creating a new Purchase request. (You may also instead use our 'Clone' function for that as well)