If you have not yet completed (or started) sourcing for a quotation, but have decided that you no longer require the item or have changed your requirements significantly, you may wish to Cancel your Purchase Request (PR). This guide shows you the steps to do so.

Note: PRs that have completed sourcing and are in the Evaluation stage may not be cancelled. but you can perform a No Award. Only PRs that are in progress (not yet open for sourcing) or open can be cancelled.  

To cancel the PR, click on the 3 Dots beside the PR and select Manage Deal.

On the Manage Deal page, click on the orange Cancel button next to the deal status.

There will be a pop up screen with 2 options under External comment and Internal comment.

The external comment will be sent to all suppliers who were invited, have the deal on their watchlist or had submitted their bid to inform them why the deal was being cancelled. (Note: deals that are in progress will not require an External comment)

The internal comment is for your approvers (or other internal users). Both fields need to be updated before you can click the confirm button.  Once you've updated the required fields, click on confirm to proceed. 

The deal will be cancelled and the status of the deal will be updated on 'My Buylist' as well.

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