If you have created a Direct Invoice in the system, but no longer wish to submit it for processing, you will need to Cancel the invoice. This guide shows you the steps to do so. 

First, you may access the Invoice page by clicking on Deals and selecting Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Invoice.

On the Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Invoice page, select the Invoices tab. You may use the search function to find the invoice you wish to cancel, then click on the "⋮" icon next to the invoice.

Select View to go to the View Invoice page.

On the View Invoice page, click on the orange Cancel button next to the invoice status.

On the cancellation pop-up, input a comment to indicate the reason why the invoice is being cancelled. This comment may be viewed by other organisation users or by approvers (Based on your organisation's settings, approval might be required). After inputting the comment, click on 'Confirm' to complete the cancellation step.

The invoice will be cancelled and the status will be updated on the 'Invoices' tab as well.