Many Purchase Orders issued in TenderBoard are intended to be for a fixed duration, and goods receipt / invoicing might be done on a recurring basis. For instance, you might have a contract for pest control which is awarded for a year, but for which you do receipt and get invoiced on a monthly basis.

TenderBoard allows you to mark a Purchase Order to have a recurring Goods Receipt, which simplifies the Goods Receipt process. (Note: Currently this is limited to monthly GRs only)

To do so, first go to the Purchase Orders page on Tenderboard. Search for your Purchase Order, then click on the Actions button, then select 'Update Est. Delivery Date'

The 'Updated Estimated Delivery Date' pop-up will appear. You can update the estimated delivery date (this should be the first or next expected delivery date, not the last), then check the Repeat monthly box to set as a recurring Goods Receipt. The system defaults the Quantity to 1 per month for each line item, but if you would like to update the monthly recurring quantity, click on Set Quantity to update the monthly received quantity.

When a recurring Goods Receipt is set, the following differences will happen when performing the Goods Receipt:

FieldRegular Goods ReceiptRecurring Goods Receipt
Default Line Item QuantityTotal remaining quantity in POBased on set quantity (as above)
Est. Delivery DateRemains the same after completionAutomatically updates one month later