After sending out the invitations for your deal, you might realise that the supplier you had invited no longer works at that organisation, or the email address used could be wrong. If you had input your own supplier information, you can update the supplier contact and send out the invitation again.

If you wish to add an additional e-mail to the invitation, you refer to this guide instead - How can I add another supplier contact to my invitation?

First, on My Buylist page, search for the purchase request you wish to update the supplier contact for. Click on the "⋮" icon next to the purchase request, then select "Invitation".

On the invitation page, Find the supplier you wish to update and click the "⋮" icon next to the supplier name. Select Edit Contact

Replace the existing supplier name with the correct name and click update.

You may check to confirm that the supplier contacy has been updated.

Finally, click on "Send Invitations". On the Send Invitations pop-up, check the box next to the suppliers you wish to send the invitations to and press "Send". A new invitation e-mail will be sent out to the updated contact.