If you’ve issued a Purchase Order to a supplier through TenderBoard, the supplier will be able to submit an invoice to you for that Purchase Order. This guide brings you through the process of matching that invoice to a Goods Receipt or Purchase Order.

Firstly, when a supplier submits an invoice on TenderBoard, you will receive an email indicating that an invoice must be processed.  Click on the "See Details" button to proceed.

Note that if you are already logged in, you may also access the page by clicking on Deals and selecting Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Invoice, then click on the Invoice Processing Tab.

On the invoice processing page, check the details of the invoice. To process the invoice, click on the "Action" button

Next, select the option to "Match with PO/GR"

The system will automatically match the invoice to the Purchase Order indicated by the supplier in their submission.

If the Goods Receipt has not been created, click on the "⋮" icon next and select create GR to proceed. Otherwise, you can also Bind to GR, if the Goods Receipt has been created

At the good receipts page, check if the Goods Receipt and invoice amounts tally, then complete the Goods Receipt form before selecting "Preview Goods Receipt".

On the preview page, if all the details are correct, you may click on "Confirm" to proceed.

You will be returned to the Invoice Processing page, and the status of the invoice will be updated. The Goods Receipt can then be routed through the approval process.