After sending an invitation to a supplier, you might occasionally not get an immediate response - they might be away, or have left the company. If you wish, you can add another email address to the invitation cc list, and both emails will receive the invitation. This also applies for invitations where you have selected to use TenderBoard's contact - you may not updte the main email, but can add an additional email. The guide will show you how to add another email to the invitation. (Note that this only applies if the deal is not closed)

To update the email for a contact that you entered yourself, please see this guide - How can I update the contact email for a supplier invitation?

First, on the My Buylist page, search for the purchase request where you want to add the supplier contact. Click on the  "⋮"  icon next to purchase request and click on Invitations to proceed.

On the invitation, find the supplier you wish to add the contact and click the  "⋮" icon next to the supplier name.

Click on Edit CC list next. (If you have added the contact yourself, select Edit Contact instead)

Fill in the supplier contact and click on update to proceed.

Also, you can comma to separate email incase you need to add more than one more in the CC list

Check to ensure supplier email appears on the CC list

Click on Send invitations next and tick next to the supplier name. Finally, press send to for the invitation to be sent out.