There will be times when the items in a Purchase Order will not all be received at the same time - for instance, the order might be issued for a recurring service arrangement, or multiple deliveries might be arranged for your goods. This guide will show you how to perform a partial Goods Receipt so that the system can be properly updated.

Click on Deals, select Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Invoice and search for the PO number.

Click on Create GRN next.

On the Goods Receipt page, ensure that you update correct quantity received as per the delivery order.

Select the Goods Receipt date by clicking on the blank field to choose the date and finally click on "Submit Invoice" button to proceed.


If you selected the 'Attach an Invoice' function, on the invoice submission page, Fill in the necessary mandatory fields such as Invoice Number, Issue Date and Payment Terms. (If you selected the 'Call for Invoice' function, the supplier will submit the invoice instead.

For cases of shortage of supply and remaining items to be supplied on a later date with a new invoice

Ensure that quantity on the Invoice submission page is the same as the quantity selected on the Goods Receipt page, it will automatically update to the quantity chosen from the Goods Receipt page. Finally check if the price tallies as well.

You can indicate the reason on the Notes field for the approvers to be aware of the situation. Upload the invoice to the Invoice attachment field and click on "Preview Goods Receipt" to proceed.

After checking the preview page, click on confirm to proceed with approvals to be sought. On the PO Tab, it will be reflected as Partial GR

Once all the approvals are sought and initial GR status changes to "Ready to Pay". You can go back to PO tab and create another GRN for the remaining quantities to be received on Tenderboard.