TenderBoard has introduced a new punch-out functionality that allows users to purchase directly from TenderBoard’s Partner Marketplaces. This allows you to purchase from a partner website by filling up a shopping cart, then sending the contents for approval in TenderBoard. Upon approval of the purchase, a Purchase Order will be automatically issued to the Partner, who is then able to proceed with delivery and invoicing.


This user guide demonstrates the process for accessing TenderBoard’s partner marketplaces.


Creating a Purchase Request


Currently, TenderBoard’s Marketplace Punch-out functionality is only applicable for Non-Sourcing purchases (i.e. you’re not able to open it up for suppliers to submit quotations).


1. From My Buylist. Click on the Create a Purchase Request button, and select a Non-Sourcing Workflow


2. Complete the Purchase Request form. At the Line Items section, click on the Marketplace icon. A pop-up will appear with a list of the marketplaces available for you to purchase from. Click on the icon for the marketplace partner you wish to purchase from.



3.Select an existing Delivery Address, or add a new one, then click on Punchout. This will take you to the partner’s website

4. Next, proceed to add items to your cart.


5. Once you’ve added all your items, click on ‘Send to TenderBoard’. 



6. The information will be sent over to TenderBoard’s line item table, and you may proceed with your purchase accordingly.  Once your purchase is approved, the Purchase Order will be issued to TenderBoard’s Marketplace Partner accordingly.