There could be occasions where you may wish to add more suppliers to submit their offer after a deal has been released. This guide will show you how you can add in more vendors and ensure the invitations are sent out.

1) On the "My Buylist" page, search for the deal you wish to add new suppliers. Click on  "⋮"  icon and select on "Invitation". Alternatively, you can also can click on  "⋮"  icon and select "Manage Deal". You can find the "Invitation" Option in green as well.

2) On the Invitation Page, you can use "Add a Supplier" function to invite another supplier.

3) Once the supplier has been added, check that the details are entered correctly and proceed to click on the "Send Invitation" button.

4) Tick the box beside the supplier you wish to send the invitation out to and click "Send" to proceed. The system will send out the invitation email to the supplier.