TenderBoard's Gateway functionality allows you to export data from TenderBoard in a format that you have specified. This file can then be used for uploading into your ERP or Accounting System. TenderBoard currently has integrations with systems including SAP, Netsuite, Odoo, SAGE 300, Quickbooks and Xero.

To export files from Gateway, you must be an Admin or a Sub-Admin with access to your organisation's Gateway.

1. First, go to your organisation's Gateway by clicking on the Management menu and selecting Gateway

2. Select the 'Export' option on the sidebar

3. The Export page has two tabs. The Outstanding tab lists down all the invoices that have not been exported, while the Export tab will allow you to Export those invoices. Once an invoice has been Exported, it will be removed from the Outstanding tab. Each invoice can only be exported to one record.

To Export an invoice, click on the Export tab.

4. On the Export page, there are two options for export. You may select a Date Range, then click on 'Export' in order to export all outstanding invoices in that date range (inclusive) to an export record. Alternatively, you can click on Export All to download all outstanding invoices to an export record.

5. Once an export record has been created, it may not be edited. To re-download a previous export record, click on the Actions button, and select Download.