TenderBoard allows you to add tags to your suppliers in your Supplier Relationships directory. These tags can be used to filter suppliers when reviewing your directory or when inviting suppliers to participate in deals. Tags can be added when you are adding or editing a supplier to your Supplier Relationships directory.

Adding Tags to Suppliers in Supplier Relationships

When adding or editing a supplier on the system, you may type in the tag and press Enter after each tag to add it (in the diagram below, the Outsourced Kitchen tag has not yet been created). Once the tag(s) has been added, click on 'Save Settings' in order to save the changes. 

If you are importing a supplier directory, you may fill in the tags under the Tags column of the import file. Multiple tags can be separated by commas (,)

Using Tags to Find Suppliers

Once you have added tags to your suppliers, you may use them to search for suppliers in two places. Firstly, in the Supplier Relationships page, you may click on the Search icon, and search for the tag. This will bring up a list of suppliers with that tag.

Secondly, when inviting suppliers and using the 'Select from my Supplier List' option, you can search for the relevant tag to find the list of relevant suppliers.