If you've created a Purchase Request, but realise that you have made some errors, you may wish to use the Restart functionality to make the changes. TenderBoard's Restart functionality reverts the Purchase Request to the first step in it's current workflow (A Purchase Request that is undergoing Evaluation will revert to the first step of Evaluation, and a Goods Receipt will revert to the first step of Goods Receipt as well)

Using the Restart function

To use the restart function, your organisation's administrators must have set the appropriate permissions for the restart function. The restart function may be granted either without approval, or with a single level of approval only.  If you're eligible to restart your purchase, the Restart button will appear on your Manage Deal page.

1. To restart the purchase, click on the Restart button. The Restart pop-up will appear. 

2. Enter in a comment, then click on Confirm.

3. If approval for restart is required, a notification will be sent to the Restart approver to approve the restart. Otherwise, the purchase will revert to the first step, and you will be able to update the Purchase Request again.

The comments entered when restarting can be found in the Approval Chain and the Audit Trail for the Purchase Request.