When you receive a Request for Quotation on TenderBoard, the deal listing will state the buyer's requested items in the line item table. The line item will also state the quantity and unit of measure (UOM) requested by the buyer.

Occasionally, you may wish to update the item being offered (for instance, offering an equivalent replacement model), or wish to update the unit of quantity. This guide below will show you how to use the 'Add Proposed Item' feature to do so.

How to update your bid submission using the Add Proposed Item function

1. On the bid submission page, review the line item table, and complete the rest of the line items as per normal.

2. For the line items that you wish to offer an equivalent replacement for, it is recommended to select the option 'Not bidding on this item'

3. You can then click on the 'Add Proposed Item' button to bring up a new line item. Note that all fields are required and must be completed.

4. You can then enter in your own proposed line item description, or your own unit (see below for examples)