After your purchase has closed, you may wish to ask your suppliers to resubmit their quotations during the Evaluation phase. This can be done due to a clarification of requirements, for the purpose of negotiations or even because the supplier had made an error in their submission. Suppliers will only be authorised to resubmit if the buyer has issued them with a Resubmission request.

This guide details how you may use the Resubmit function to allow suppliers to update their quotation.

1) On "My Buylist "page, search for the reference number you wish to allow the supplier to resubmit.  Click on  "⋮"  icon next.

2) On the dropdown list, select "Manage Deal".

3) On the "Manage Deal" page, click on "Resubmit" to proceed. Note that if you do not have permission to request for Resubmission, the button will be greyed out.

4) A pop-up box will appear. Tick on the box beside the supplier name you wish to allow to resubmit. You may select multiple suppliers if you wish. Click on "Selected" to proceed.

5) Another pop-up box will appear. The approval flow will show if there is an approval required before the resubmission request can be activated.

6) Fill up the instruction field to notify the supplier of requirements of the request. 

7) You may also attach files that the suppliers will be able to retrieve - for instance, if there is documentation that they are reequired to complete.

8) Select the opening and closing date and time allowed for the resubmission before clicking on "Send" to finalize. The suppliers will have to resubmit before the closing date and time, although you may close the resubmission period early if all suppliers have resubmitted.

9) If there is no approval required, the status will be updated on your "Manage Deal" page as resubmission active.

10) If there is an approval required, the status will be shown as pending approval by the approver.

11) If the supplier submits and the resubmission status is still active, you can simply click on "Close Now!" to close the resubmission and proceed to evaluating.

12) If the supplier fails to resubmit during the given period, you can activate another resubmission request to the supplier again after the initial period ends.