The Amend function allows you to make changes to the purchase request form to amend fields, including the closing date, line items, Purchase/Tender attachments and etc. 

The "Amend" function can be accessed from the Manage Deal page. This guide will explain when and how you can use the "Amend" function.

When can the Amend function be used?

1. The "Amend" function can be enabled at the button can be used when the purchase request is opened or when its closed and its pending evaluation at your step (Once it has routed for approvals, the "Amend" button will be greyed out). 

2. If the "Amend" button is greyed out even though it meet the requirements as stated in step 1, it could be due to your organization settings that does not allow amendment to be made. 

How can I Amend a Purchase Request?

1. On the "My Buylist" page, search for the Purchase Request which you wish to amend.

2. Click on  the "⋮"  icon.

3. On the drop-down list, select "Manage Deal".

4. On the "Manage Deal" page, click on the "Amend" button to proceed. If the Amend button is greyed out, you do not have the permission to Amend the Purchase Request at this stage.

5. You'll be brought to the 'Amend Purchase Request' page. The fields that you're allowed to Amend will be writeable on the Purchase Request form. Update all fields that you wish to amend to the correct values.

6. Click on "Review Approval Flow" to proceed.

7. The "Approval Flow" page will show if there are approvals required before your amendment can be processed.

8. Click on "Preview" to proceed. The preview page will allow you to compare the original fields with the update fields.

9. If all the changes are correct, you may click on 'Submit' to proceed.

10. A pop-up box will appear. If there were any bids submitted before the amendment was made, you will need to tick on "Invalidate previous submitted bids" so they can resubmit their quotation based on the correct requirement.

11. For this case, as suppliers need to be notified about the amendment, do not tick on "Skip sending notifications on suppliers"

13. Both the internal and external comments field need to be filled up. Internal comment field is only for your organization to see and while the external comment filed will be for suppliers to see.

13. Click on "Submit" to proceed. If there is no approval required, the amendment will be made immediately. If there is an approval required, it will only be made after the amendment is approved. 

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