TenderBoard's Amend function allows you to update your purchase attachments for a deal that is currently Open, or re-open a deal that is currently Pending Evaluation. In both cases, your organisation's workflow settings must be set to allow you to initiate the Amend request, and approvals might be necessary as well. 

For more details on the Amend function, you may refer to this article: How is the Amend function in TenderBoard used?

Updating the purchase/tender attachment

1. Search for the deal you wish to update, and access the Amend function from the Manage Deal page.

2. On the Amend Purchase Request page, scroll to your purchase attachments field. You may add files by clicking on the 'Add Another file' button, and remove files by clicking on the red cross to the left of the filename.

3. Update any other fields you wish to update as well, then click on "Review Approval Flow" to proceed to the next page, then click on 'Preview' followed by 'Submit'

4. The amendment pop-up box will allow you to update your suppliers and approvers (if necessary) on the reasons for the amendment. Click on Submit to complete the amendment - it will be automatically sent for approval if required