After the bid submission period for your purchase has been closed, you might need to communicate with suppliers who had submitted their bid on TenderBoard. You may use TenderBoard's  "Clarify" function to communicate with the supplier via the TenderBoard system.

1. On "My Buylist" page, search for the purchase request you wish to send clarification to the supplier.

2. Click on  the "⋮"  icon.

3. On the drop-down list, select "Manage Deal".

4. On the "Manage Deal" page, scroll down to "Proposal Received" section.

5. Click on  the "⋮"  icon. 

6. Select " View Proposal"

7. Click on "Clarify"

8. A "Clarify" pop up box will appear. You can key in your question and attach as many files as required if your organization settings permit you to attach files.

9. Click on "Clarify"

10. Once the supplier has replied, you will receive an email notification.

11. Click on "View Details" and you can see their answers under the "Clarification" section.