TenderBoard's budget tracking functionality allows you to check the status of multiple budgets at one go. For you to be able to view budgets in TenderBoard, you must be given the access rights as a budget Viewer.

Accessing the Budget Tracking page

The Budget Tracking page is accessed by clicking on the Tools and Reports menu, then selecting Budget Tracking.

On the Budget Tracking page, you will see a list of the Budgets you have access to view. If you have the rights to view more than 10 budgets, this list will be paginated and you may click on the page number to view a different set of budgets. 

You may also click on the Export as Excel button to Export the full list of budgets as an Excel (.xlsx) file.

The Excel file that you've downloaded will contain a summation of the values for the budgets you have download, so that you can do a comparison across your budgets.

If you wish to download only a subset of your budgets, you may do this by searching so that only the relevant budgets are highlighted. In the example below, only the two Excel files highlighted will be included in the report.