If your organisation is using a sourcing workflow, but you have used the 'I have an Existing Quotation' function to upload quotations from your suppliers, you can close the purchase without sourcing by activating TenderBoard's Skip to Evaluation system field.

If this field is not available, it must be added to your organisation's configuration by your Buyer Admin.

How it works

The Skip to Evaluation field defaults to No. When Skip to Evaluation is set to No, the system will expect that the deal will be open for bids to be received from suppliers. An Opening Date and Time and Closing Date and Time must be input for the purchase to continue.

When Skip to Evaluation is set to Yes, the system will not allow you to set an Opening and Closing Date.

Instead, the deal will skip straight to the Evaluation step after completion of the Purchase Request workflow. In the example below, the purchase is at the Evaluation step without any Opening or Closing Date.