A Goods Receipt (GR) can be rejected for various reasons when there is wrong quantity  inserted or wrong attachment uploaded to name a few. It is possible a GR needs to be cancelled as it could be a duplicate or it is not required anymore. Below guide will show the ways on how you can perform a GR again or  how you can cancel it.

1. If your GR has been rejected, you will receive a notification " A GR Requires Your Follow Up". 

2. The email will state the reason why the GR was rejected.

3. Click on "Follow Up" to proceed.

4. You will be redirected onto the "Goods Receipt Page" where if necessary you can make changes to the GR based on the reason of rejection.

5. You can proceed to click on "Submit Invoice" to proceed.

6. On the "Invoice Submission" page, you may make changes to if required and will route to approvals for rechecking again.

Other Ways to Re-initiate a GR From Your TenderBoard Account

1, On "My Buylist" page, click on Deals and select Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Invoice.

2. On "Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Invoice" page, change to Goods Receipt Tab, and click on the "⋮" icon.

3. Select on "Reinitiate GR" and you will be directed to the Goods Receipt page.

How To Cancel GR When It Is Rejected Back To Me

1. To cancel a GR, on the Goods Receipt Tab, click on the 3 and select "View".

2. On the Goods Receipt page, click on cancel next to proceed to cancel the GR.

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