TenderBoard allows a single invoice submission for multiple Goods Receipts. To enable this, you will need to combine the Goods Receipts before calling for or attaching the invoice.

Using the 'Invoice later' function

Firstly, to combine Goods Receipts, you may use the 'Invoice later' function to create a Goods Receipt on TenderBoard without immediately calling for or attaching an invoice. To do so, simply select the 'Invoice later' option in the Invoicing section when creating a Goods Receipt

To combine Goods Receipts, you should create as many separate Goods Receipts as you wish to and use the 'Invoice Later' function first.

Combining Goods Receipts

After all the Goods Receipts have been created, when creating the latest Goods Receipt you may combine all the Goods Receipts you had created earlier. To add a Goods Receipt to the current GR, click on the + icon next to that GR.

After clicking on that Goods Receipt, you'll notice that the Goods Receipts are now combined. You may click the - icon to remove a combined Goods Receipt

Subsequently, all the combined Goods Receipts will be tagged to the 'Main' Goods Receipt, and the invoice will be submitted for the total number of goods received under all the combined Goods Receipts.