TenderBoard allows suppliers to submit their invoices to awarded Purchase Orders on TenderBoard. If submitted before the buyer has performed the Goods Receipt, the buyer will be prompted to do so on TenderBoard. This guide details how you can perform the Goods Receipt if the invoice has already been submitted by the supplier.

Being prompted for invoice submission

Once a supplier has submitted the invoice, you will receive a prompt to perform the Goods Receipt. Click on 'See Details' to initiate the process.

You will be brought to the Invoice Processing page, where you can click on the 'Action' button to 'Match with PO/GR'

Note: You may also arrive at this page by selecting 'Need GR' on the Invoice page, or by clicking on your Actions Pending and selecting 'Need GR'.

After clicking 'Match with PO/GR', the system will provide the option to Create GR from the linked Purchase Order. 

Click on 'Create GR' to be brought to the Goods Receipt page.

Goods Receipt will be performed as per normal with one exception - the invoice would already be considered as attached, and no further action is required. Additionally, the quantities for the Goods Receipt will be defaulted to match what was already submitted for the invoice.