The Report Designer page allows the buyer admin to create report templates that will allow the organisation’s users to download reports if assigned. Reports contain data from purchases in the system.


Button: Create Deal Summary Reports

Clicking the Create Deal Summary Reports takes you to the Deal Summary Creation Page


Deal Summary Report Creation Page


The deal summary report creation page consists of two tabs, the Report Form and Conditional Form.


Report Form


The report form lists the basic details of the deal summary report. To create the report, the following fields have to be completed:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Date Range
  • Status Filter
  • Purchaser Filter (leave blank to include all purchasers)
  • Assign To (who will be able to use the template under the ‘Buyer Reports’ function.


Button: Select Fields

The Select Fields button allows the buyer admin to select which fields to include in the report. This can include Purchase Request, Evaluation, Non-Sourcing and Contract Fields.


Button: Add Static fields

The Add Static Fields button allows the buyer admin to add in a static value as a column in the report. This is used if the report needs to match an existing format (e.g. for importing)


Button: Actions

The Actions Button has the following functions:

  • Move Up moves the field up relative to the other fields in the report
  • Move Down moves the field up relative to the other fields in the report
  • Remove deletes the field from the report.


Conditional Form


The conditional form allows the user to create a filter for the forms. For example, if the filter is for all purchases that are ‘Invite Only’, the report will only contain purchases that have been set to ‘Invite Only’.


Button: Add

The Add button allows you to create a new conditional filter. When creating a new conditional filter, you can select the filter to be used, and the condition to filter for.