If you have published a "Purchase Request" on Tenderboard, suppliers may submit clarifications using the 'Ask' function. When this happens, you will receive notifications that a question has been asked by a supplier. This guide outlines the steps for you to answer the suppliers' clarifications.

1. Firstly, you will receive an email notification that a clarification was asked. Click on "Reply Now" to proceed.

2. After clicking on "Reply Now", a pop-up box will appear where you can fill in your answer and click on "Post" to proceed.

3. Even though you have answered the clarification, at this stage, the answer is not yet posted on TenderBoard. You will see the message "There are unpublished answers for this deal. To send out the answers, you must click on the green Notify Suppliers button and Confirm."

If you do not click on the "Notify Suppliers" button, suppliers will not be able to view your answer.

4.  Approvals may be required if this has been set for your organisation. To proceed, click on "Confirm".

5. The question and answer will be posted on the "Listing Page".