If your Organisation has activated the Purchase Notes capability, an option labelled 'Notes' will appear on the Manage Deal page for your Purchase Requests as well as the View Purchase Order page. The Notes page allows you to add more information about the deal, even after the deal has closed.

If you are a Buyer Admin, you may enable the Purchase Note functionality on the Organisation Settings page. Select 'Yes' for the Purchase Note option, found in the 'Organisation' section.

Adding Notes

To add a note to your deal, first go to the Manage Deal page for Purchase Requests, or the View Purchase Order page for Purchase Orders, then click on the 'Notes' button.

This will take you to the 'Notes' page for the deal or the Purchase Order. Click on 'Add Note' to add a new note.

On the Add Note pop-up, there are a few options:

1. To send an e-mail to a particular user related to the deal, you may use the 'Notify User(s)' option.

2. Add your Note in under the 'Comment' section. This field is mandatory.

3. You may also add in a file attachment if you wish to attach a file to the Note.

Once completed, you may click on 'Submit', and your note is added to the Purchase Request. Note that only Buyer Admins will be able to remove Notes that have been created.