TenderBoard supports quotation submissions and awards with line items containing a mix of different tax rates.

Firstly, the quotation submitted must have the correct tax amounts for each line already. 

If you're submitting the quotation on behalf of the supplier, such as in a non-sourcing workflow, you may refer to this article for help: 

What happens if I am submitting a quotation with different tax rates?

Evaluating and awarding the quotation

When Evaluating the quotation, you will not be able to update the GST values that were submitted by the vendor. If you require them to change their GST settings, you will need to use the Re-submit function to do so.

If you wish to check the tax details, you may click on 'View Details' to do so. A pop-up will appear listing down the different relevant tax lines.

Proceed with the rest of the Evaluation Form to award the quotation to the vendor.